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the internet in India

Buy a region of the fastest and cheapest broadband network in Bengaluru. Currently in beta.

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What am I buying?

Wifi Dabba network

  • Cutting edge laser tech
  • Commodity hardware
  • Dabba OS
  • Fast to deploy

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PoP - Point of presence

  • A 1km radius region of the Wifi Dabba network
  • 18,000 potential subscribers
  • Fully managed service
  • $20,000 per PoP

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Great benefits

  • Minimum guaranteed predictable revenue
  • Fully managed including sales & maintenance
  • Includes hardware, software & team

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Why should I buy?

Hot market

  • Less than 7% broadband penetration currently
  • FB, Google, MS, etc have bought in heavily
  • Massively underserved population

Explosive growth

  • India is transitioning to a digital economy
  • Wifi Dabba is hyper scalable
  • 3bn people in developing nations

A better internet

  • Fewer pieces, better for the enviroment
  • Control over privacy and data
  • Distributed ownership and revenue

Wifi Dabba market comparison

Provider Speed Data Price
Reliance Jio 1 GBPS 6 TB $138
Airtel 1 GBPS 3 TB $65
ACT broadband 1 GBPS 3.5 TB $98
Wifi Dabba 1 GBPS Unlimited $10
* at launch plans are subject to change on market conditions.

Who are you?

About us

Wifi Dabba is funded by YCombinator and other leading investors. We have spent the last 3 years working hard on broadband tech, public wifi & regulation.

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Wifi Dabba Master Plan

  1. Build cheaper network tech
  2. Prove tech by connecting one city
  3. Deploy across 10,000 cities worldwide

Only 39/100 POPs available

How do I buy ?

Our goal is to build a network that is flexible, scalable, owned by as many people as possible. If you care about the future of the internet or global connectivity, we want to hear from you. Purchase a PoP an participate in the creation of a better internet.

The problem we are solving

India is the battleground for the soul of the internet. Global tech giants are craving another new piece in an internet that has already fractured into a Chinese net, US net and worse.

The root problem lies in the extreme expense required to deploy broadband. High costs naturally tend to be the domain of nations and monopolies. Less than 7% of India has broadband internet.

WifiDabba uses laser and commodity components accross the network thereby lowering the cost of the broadband deployment by 100X. Low cost means ownership and access to everyone.

Co-Own PoP

Co-own a PoP

Ownership is not always about money, we want to enable the most diverse group of people possible owning PoPs. Please visit the buy page and setup a call to learn more.