JOB POST · October 10th, 2020

Sell the internet itself.

Wifi Dabba is hiring it's first sales/marketing role to sell regions of the Wifi Dabba network in the hot Indian telecom sector. Remote welcome. Email karam@wifidabba.com to apply

Wifi Dabba masterplan

  • Build cheap broadband distribution technology.
  • Prove the tech works by connecting 1M people in one city.
  • Deploy across 1,000 cities in India

Our goal at Wifi Dabba is to lower the cost of broadband access in India. We use lasers instead of underground fiber as our core network and commodity components to dramatically lower the cost of deploying a broadband network. We've been running a beta network in Bengaluru, India for the last 9 months serving thousands of live customers. We're now ready to deploy a city wide network and provide cheap internet access to a million people.

The product

A core tenet of the Wifi Dabba network is distributed ownership. We believe that ownership of the internet should be in the hands of as many people as possible. If the cost of broadband tech drops, then more people can help pay for the cost of the network. And if you're one of the people paying for the distribution, we believe you should get revenue in return.

We've divided the city of Bengaluru into 100 regions called PoPs. Anyone can buy a region and get a share in the revenue from those subscribers.

The Wifi Dabba franchise model:

  • $20,000 to purchase a 4sqkm. PoP.
  • Minimum guaranteed revenue Paid quarterly with a 6 year rev share agreement.
  • Fully managed service Be an absentee landlord

The role - Sell 60 PoPs

As founders, we've sold 35 as of the time of writing this. We're looking to your help to sell the remaining ones.

  • Help move the internet forward. Launch online campaigns that show the world we lower the cost of internet access and bring a billion Indians online.
  • Build your role from scratch Work directly with the founders as the first person in the sales/marketing team and help define the dna of the organization.
  • Tell stories that matter Internet access changes lives and fortunes, help us tell stories that inspire people to participate in the proliferation of internet access.

Who is buying the PoPs ?

Senior engineers from Google, Apple and a host of other technology companies purchased the PoPs. The actual sales process turned out to be fairly quick and straight forward. Most of the people that purchased the PoPs did so within a period of 48 hours of having the call.

What you'll do

  • Brainstorm and launch diverse marketing campaigns from emails to Instagram stories to online events.
  • Shape our strategy for searching for, onboarding, and marketing new PoP owners.
  • Craft project updates that inspire consumers to share and get involved.

This might be for you if...

  • You are comfortable selling a high value product - $20,000 per unit
  • Ideally have a history of marketing or selling unique/high value products.
  • You are a great storyteller and can do so across multiple mediums
  • You like to work autonomously and have ownership over your work
  • You're scrappy and willing to work with a low marketing budget


  • Competitive pay and equity
  • Target bonuses
  • Work from anywhere
  • Flexibile work / vacation timings
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