Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer? Email calls@wifidabba.com we respond within 24 hours.

Why aren't you raising more money from venture capital?

We have raised money before and we may do it again. The goal of this offering is not so much to fund the company as to test a model of distributed resilience.

Can you be more specific about the revenue sharing and financial information?

We would love to, please get in touch by emailing us at calls@wifidabba.com or go here and set up a call with us.

Why has nobody adopted this tech ?

FSO has been in the market for a while. Cost structure and service reliability kept it low key for this long. The tech has improved dramatically and the appetite for data has dramatically risen, things are changing.

I have heard bad things about Free space optics

Things have gotten much better, talk to us, we're happy to demonstrate.

How do I track how much revenue my PoP is making?

Once you purchase a PoP, you will get access to a dashboard and a set of monitoring tools that allow you to monitor all aspects of your PoP including revenue.

When do I start earning revenue for my PoP?

Once your PoP goes live and through a beta testing period sucesssfully, your PoP will start generating revenue as subscribers are onboarded.

Can a single PoP be owned by multiple people.

Yes, provided it is in the form of a syndicate or an arrangement with one signing authority. We can help you structure this.

Will this expand to more cities/ When can I get it in my city?

Our goal is to bring our tech to as many cities as possible. For now it is only in Bangalore but very soon in other cities.

Can I choose which area I want to place my PoP ?

If available, yes you can. Allocation is on first come, first serve basis.

Is the network ready ? When do you expect it to go fully live ?

We currently have beta deployments runninng and expect to go live within 12 months.

What if my PoP has no subscribers?

We guarantee a minimum rate of return, besides our goal is to share as much revenue across the network to compensate for this.

Who pays for damaged hardware?

Wifi Dabba is responsible for insuring and replacing damaged/faulty equipment in your PoP.